Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the service?

Our online YouTube Downloader is really easy to use. Just simply copy paste the link of your favorite video and it will get the file and then convert it in any audio format you want. Once the conversion is done, you can download the file from our site.

Failed error appears while downloading a video.

Due to big file size or slow internet speed, your download might get stuck sometime. If you are having problems and stuck with failed download errors, just simply go back to the home page and download again. The process is really easy and takes only a few seconds.

Where can I see the video URL to paste into

The video URL to paste into can be found in the address bar of your browser with the streaming video.

How long does download link expires?

Download link will expire in 24 hours.

The downloaded mp3 file doesn`t have a sound.

The downloaded mp3 might not have a sound due to copyright infringement sometimes. In such cases, you should try with another video.

Does work with Mac or mobile devices?

Yes, our YouTube to mp3 Downloader for mac works on your Mac and mobile devices. It is really easy and it doesn’t take that long to download.

Is it safe to download free video with YTTO?

It is absolutely safe to download with YTTO. We are not responsible for the downloaded content itself, because we don't own it or developed it, but we guarantee the safety of our online downloading service.

How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost you anything to convert videos into mp3. You can use our online YouTube Downloader site and get any song you want absolutely free.

How does audio extraction work? How to use it?

Our service includes an intelligent and user friendly audio extraction system. You just need to copy paste the URL link of the video file and our system will grab the video, convert it into a format you want and prepare it for downloading.

Do I need to have the video playing in my web browser first?

No, you do not need to keep playing the video while our system is converting the video. You just only need to copy paste the URL link and that’s it. It is really easy and simple.

From what sites can I convert music?

Our free online YouTube video downloader can grab videos from YouTube now but we’re working currently on conversion from other sites.

What browsers and settings work best with

Our service works on any browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera as well as numerous mobile browsers. You also do not need to make any changes in your browser to use our services as well.

I want to leave review. How?

If you want to help us by reviewing our converting URL to mp3 services and make it even better, please leave your reviews in our feedback section in the bottom of the page.

Is it legal to use

Yes, our YouTube MP3 extractor is absolutely legitimate to use. Just go through our terms of services before you proceed to use our services.

Why is better than similar websites?

Our YouTube Converter to mp3 online service is really simple and easy to use. Unlike others we do not charge you and you do not need to register. These are the reasons that make stand out in the crowd.